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‘Destiny 2’ Season 19: Grand Overture Is Now Meta, Here’s Why

Tech'Destiny 2' Season 19: Grand Overture Is Now Meta, Here's Why

In “Destiny 2,” machine guns seldom take over the meta, but one exotic has recently been receiving far more attention than initially anticipated.

The Grand Overture, the one-of-a-kind Season Pass weapon from “Season of the Risen,” received an upgrade at the beginning of Season 19, allowing players to finally realise their desire to obliterate difficult targets with an overwhelming assault of micro missiles.

Destiny 2

Grand Overture is an Arc Heavy Machine Gun that steadily shoots a constant stream of tiny rockets at adversaries, for those who didn’t know. When it first came out, it performed poorly, and many people complained that it wasn’t even worth using in comparison to then-meta firearms.

However, in Season 19, it received a significant 50% damage upgrade to its alternate firing mode; this adjustment alone was sufficient to propel the weapon to new heights.

Grand Overture may easily allow Guardians quickly pump out over seven digits of damage in a single DPS phase against most endgame bosses with 20 missiles loaded into the chamber. This features Persys, the formidable damage sponge that serves as the dungeon’s last fight in Spire of the Watcher.

The boss of the Vault of Glass Templar was dealt damage by YouTuber Aztecross up to the amount of 860K before it was able to teleport away. Apart from a Divinity bubble and a Well of Radiance, no other buffs were used during this.

Players must shoot any adversary normally in order to load its secondary firing mode. Up to 20 can be stacked like this. It’s recommended to charge up the Grand Overture before starting a damage phase because of the slow fire rate, but that’s easier said than done.

Fortunately, standard Grand Overture shots do a tonne of damage to the majority of targets, and even half a stack of tiny missiles can destroy Champions in challenging Nightfalls.

Grand Overture will probably remain strong after Season 19, and as the Witness and the Black Fleet come in “Lightfall,” it might see some intense action.

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