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‘United against Big Tech Abuses’ is Biden’s message

Tech'United against Big Tech Abuses' is Biden's message

The president is now pushing Republicans and Democrats to come together around their shared ideals.

Joe Biden, the president of the United States, urged the nation to “unite against big tech abuses” in a Wall Street Journal opinion article.

Now, Biden is pleading with Democrats and Republicans to work together to hold these digital titans accountable for their misdeeds.

The US should “Unite Against Big Tech Abuses,” according to Biden.

According to a recent Reuters article, the president of the United States is urging Democrats and Republicans to work together to take on powerful digital companies and hold them responsible for their behaviour.


In his WSJ article, the POTUS expressed his alarm over the way some members of the industry “gather, share, and abuse our most sensitive data.” The US president continued by listing further concerns that he has, including “division” and deepening “extremism,” all of which he feels negatively impact the nation.

It “[tilts] the playing field in our economy,” according to Biden. The civil rights of minorities and women are also violated, and it even puts our children in danger.

He, therefore, calls for “strong, bipartisan legislation to hold Big Tech accountable” to be passed by both parties.

Additionally, Biden emphasised that social media companies need to answer for the “experiment they are doing on our children for profit.”

Republicans and Democrats frequently differ on a range of topics, but they appear to share the same concerns about the dangers caused by tech monopolies.

According to Reuters, both parties generally acknowledge that tech giants like Google and Facebook are a concern. The key point of contention between the two is how they wish to approach these problems.

The president acknowledges this, adding, “Let’s unite around our shared ideals. There will be many policy matters we disagree on in the new Congress.”

Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act should be revised.

Biden suggests changing Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, according to Tech Crunch.

The President of the United States continues by saying that these digital companies should “take responsibility for the content they propagate and the algorithms they use.”

Now, Biden wants both the Democrats and the Republicans to work together to alter Section 230 in order to further address the problems with content and algorithms.

Restore competition in technology

The US president also seeks assistance from the Federal Trade Commission or FTC. “Recently got a huge financial boost for our antitrust enforcement,” he added.

According to Tech Crunch, FTC chairperson Lina Khan and others have already voiced their displeasure with the commission’s lack of funds. Other problems, like headcount and authority, were also mentioned by the chair.

The nation needs to “bring competition back to the tech sector,” according to Biden.

In related news, prominent Republicans want to make tech restriction a top priority in 2023.

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