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Senator Feinstein to be unseated by California Rep. Katie Porter

Tuesday saw the announcement by California Representative Katie Porter that she would run for the Senate seat now held by longtime Senator Dianne Feinstein in 2024. The 89-year-old Feinstein is being challenged for reelection...

Ukrainians in the UK: What Do They Think Of British Politics?

The UK authorities has been at the leading edge of the worldwide attempt to help Ukraine because it suffers the awful results of the conflict with Russia, and thru its refugee scheme, main...

Artem Shestakov wins Shoot The Frame Wildlife Photography Award for his stunning nature and wildlife images

WorldArtem Shestakov wins Shoot The Frame Wildlife Photography Award for his stunning nature and wildlife images

Artem Shestakov, a renowned nature photographer, has been awarded the Shoot The Frame Wildlife Photography Award in March 2023. Shestakov is known for his exceptional photography skills in capturing the beauty of nature, landscapes, and wildlife. He has earned recognition for his work, winning multiple awards for his photography, which includes images of wildlife and natural landscapes taken from various parts of the world. Shestakov’s work promotes the importance and splendor of the natural world, while also raising awareness of environmental issues.

Recently, Shestakov went on a remarkable expedition to Antarctica with the Poseidon Expedition, where he captured images of the region’s beauty while highlighting the impact of global warming on the fragile ecosystem. During this journey, Shestakov photographed the striking portrait of a Fur Seal. Antarctic Fur Seals, one of the nine species of Fur Seals globally, were on the brink of extinction due to hunting for their fur, but with the near extinction of baleen whales, competition for krill decreased, allowing the population to recover. At the start of the 20th century, there were only a few hundred Antarctic Fur Seals left on South Georgia Island due to excessive hunting. However, the species has rebounded and now numbers in the hundreds of thousands or even millions during the breeding season.

Shoot The Frame is a photography award established in 2012. It has three monthly themes: portrait, landscape, and wildlife, and showcases the remarkable photography of past winners and finalists on its website. Shoot The Wild is a monthly international wildlife photography award that focuses on the imagery captured by wildlife photographers. Since 2014, Shoot The Frame members have shared their wildlife photography with the community.

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