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Breaking Boundaries and Inspiring Audiences: Michael Prince Johnson’s ‘Street of Danger Vol.1’ (Extended Version)

EntertainmentBreaking Boundaries and Inspiring Audiences: Michael Prince Johnson's 'Street of Danger Vol.1' (Extended Version)

Renowned across the globe as a trailblazing musician and DJ, Michael Prince Johnson has released his critically acclaimed masterpiece, ‘Street of Danger Vol.1’ (Extended Version). This latest release serves as a testament to Johnson’s exceptional talents as a composer, musician, producer, and captivating storyteller. Fusing EDM, amapiano, and Afro-House, the album presents a collection of 12 sensational songs, including international radio hits like “Street of Danger Vol.1,” “Madness,” “Think About My Information,” “Don’t Trust Everyone,” “Violent Mind,” and “You’ve Arrived in the Bad World.” The album offers an enjoyable musical experience, and carries a meaningful message, encouraging listeners to reflect upon the consequences of their actions in life. According to The Source magazine, “Johnson is renowned for his unique ability to tell stories through his music and has earned the title of ‘The King of Instrumental Storytelling.’ Johnson has become one of the leading figures in the global music scene.”

Johnson’s musicianship has earned him worldwide recognition, dominating the radio airplay of mainstream, urban, and alternative radio stations throughout the United States and across the globe. His captivating music has topped the radio charts in the United States, captivating an astounding 500 million listeners across 3000 radio stations in 160 countries. As the first instrumental music artist residing in Austria to achieve such unprecedented success, Johnson stands as a true pioneer in the industry. According to Feature Weekly, “Johnson’s ability to break barriers and widespread success as an instrumental music artist makes him a true pioneer in the industry. LA Weekly acknowledges his impressive presence on top US radio formats, securing his place in history among Austrian artists, bands, and DJs by having the largest number of songs played.

As an Afro-American artist living in Austria, Michael Prince Johnson is a revered instrumental music pioneer who has accomplished remarkable feats. AllHipHop magazine recognizes his immense talent and influence in the music industry, identifying him as one of the most important instrumental musicians of our time. His achievements have been celebrated in prestigious publications such as The Source, AllHipHop, Billboard, LA Weekly, HipHopSince1987, The Hype Magazine, We Rave You, Vents Magazine, Celeb Mix, Redx Magazine, The US Journal, London Weekly Journal, London’s Journal, Music Star News, Elite Music News, New York Weekly, Cali Post, Feature Weekly, Music Observer, Famous Times, Substream Magazine, and many others.

In addition, Johnson has been featured on the prestigious Indian television network, Hindi News18—a highly influential Hindi-language news channel and website in India. News18 is part of Network18 India’s leading television network in India with over 1 Billion views. His appearance on Hindi News18, also known as News18 India, cements Johnson’s reputation as a notable figure in the music industry, earning recognition and appreciation within the Hindi-speaking communities in India.

We Rave You, one of the leading EDM and DJ magazines, highlights how Michael Prince Johnson’s music resonates with audiences worldwide. From North America (the US and Canada) to Europe (the UK, Ireland, and Austria), Oceania (Australia and New Zealand), South America (Peru), Africa (Egypt), and Asia (Korea and India), his ability to seamlessly blend diverse musical genres showcase his artistic brilliance. Johnson’s instrumental compositions explore a wide range of themes, including African history, psychology, sociology, love stories, and contemporary issues, making his music both enjoyable and intellectually stimulating.

Since 2007, he has released more than 70 albums and 600 songs, solidifying his reputation as a prolific and innovative artist. He produces, composes, arranges, performs, and mixes all of his songs and albums.
Michael Prince Johnson’s love for music and consistency, and his commitment to his craft are evident in every composition, as he continuously pushes the boundaries of creativity.
With the extended edition of “Street of Danger Vol.1,” Johnson cements his status as a visionary artist who has made a lasting impact on the music world. In addition, Michael Prince Johnson forms a musical duo called The 72 Diamonds, alongside his wife Michaela Queenie Johnson.

For more information about his latest album, ‘Street Of Danger Vol.1’ (Extended Version), and upcoming concerts, visit
www.worldoceanmusicgroup.com. The album is available on all major digital platforms.

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